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How to be Consistent with Brand Voice

Before we dive into how to be consistent with your brand voice and how important it is to your business, we need to identify if you have found your brand voice in your business yet, here are some things to consider…

  • What do you want your brand ‘personality’ to be? Is your business more professional and serious or could your brand be more easy going and humorous?
  • Do you want to sound like other businesses in your industry or do you prefer to stand out as something a little different?
  • Have you created a mission statement and how does this align with the way you present yourself to customers?
  • Describe your business and see what words jump out to craft your brand voice.

What are the Benefits of a Consistent Brand Voice?

A consistent brand voice makes your brand instantly recognisable to anyone familiar with your brand and creates a good first impression to customers encountering you for the first time. A consistent brand voice will leave your audience in no doubt about who they are communicating with and this will build trust and authority in your space.

So, How Can You be Consistent with Brand Voice?

First off, revisit the list of words that describe your business and see what you can incorporate into your brand voice. You can check these words off against all of your forms of communication to see if they are consistent across your brand.

Next, be aware of how your chosen voice impacts your business, for example, a professional tone might paint you as the authority and trustworthy in your niche but could feel impersonal to your audience. A highly casual tone will ensure your customers know you are friendly and approachable but could suggest you lack in experience. It’s. minefield I know, but only you can work out what fits for you and your business.

One of your final steps in creating a consistent brand voice is by including it in your brand guidelines. Be super clear on this if you have a team that will be working from your guidelines and provide examples of how to correctly and incorrectly use your tone of voice. Consider setting up automated responders on your social media and email platforms which fall in line with your brand voice to ensure it’s the first thing your customers see.

Did you find this guide useful? How consistent are you with your brand voice?

If you need some more pointers or someone to bounce ideas off, I would love to schedule a chat with you. Contact me here.