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The Importance of Gathering Testimonials in Business

I get it, you love what you do, getting a testimonial for your work is the cherry on the top. Where business owners seem to come unstuck is actually asking their clients and customers for reviews and testimonials. If you aren’t doing this already, read on to find out why it’s vital to your business. (For full transparency, I have fallen victim of not asking people enough!!)

Build Trust

Building trust is one of the most important things you can do in your business and previous customer and client testimonials go a long way to building that trust, especially if you are a local business. Trust in your business means more customers, more repeat customers, more referrals and more recommendations.

Generate Valuable Feedback

Testimonials not only help you find out what your clients think of your business but they provide valuable feedback on how you can adapt your business to provide an even better service. Feedback is useful for your business because it will highlight how pleased or even dissatisfied your customers are with your products and/or services and ultimately without those customers, you don’t have a business.

Boost Your Reputation

Reputation goes hand in hand with trust but means something slightly different in business. Whilst your customers may trust in your ability to meet their needs and deliver on what you promise, brand reputation is the overall belief in your business and the quality of your brand and performance in the wider marketplace.

Humanise Your Business

Let’s face it, everything you post online about your business is going to be positive but how do potential customers know for sure you are as good as you say you are? Put simply, they don’t, so real testimonials from real consumers can push your potential customers in the right direction and gain you a sale or two.

What to do with your testimonials?

If you have some great testimonials under your belt, the possibilities are endless, you can showcase them on your website, landing or sales pages, share them on social media, share them as a paid ad across your platforms or even add them to your email marketing. Get creative and get them in front of as many people as you can.

Don’t forget, make contact with your customers and clients after they have purchased from you requesting a testimonial or leave a form on your website so they can add their testimonials directly.

Are you gathering regular testimonials for your business? How are you using them?