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Celebrating My First Year In Business

I sit here today extremely proud. Proud of what I have achieved both personally in life but also professionally. Today is the 11th June 2021 and it marks the one year anniversary since I launched my business. What an amazing year it has been. Let me tell you a bit…

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How’s Your Work/Life Balance?

If you are anything like me, (or like I used to be) you will love what you do but struggle to create a good work/life balance. It can be difficult to juggle everything life throws at you between work, family, social time or just a need to take time for…

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Answered: How Are My Videos Really Performing?

Welcome back to my blog and I hope everyone is doing well in current climate.  In this blog, I am hoping to answer a burning question that you may have about the videos that I am producing and how well they are really performing. When I started my business in…

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One Man Brand

When I first made the decision to set up my own digital marketing agency, I knew that I needed to look at ways of standing out from the thousands, if not tens of thousands, of agencies to choose from. How did I do it? I weighed up all the options and…

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4 Weeks On – Still Going Strong!

Welcome back to my blog and before I start, I wanted to take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me in my first 4 weeks since launching the business. I am truly grateful. When I first launched, I knew that it was a tough time,…

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