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My Professional Photos by Liz Greenhalgh Photography

Welcome back to my blog guys and hope everyone is well and safe.

I Just wanted to say that when I first started my business 6 months ago (to the day!!) I took my own photo. In fact it was a selfie with a filter to black out the background. I have worked and used this for the past 6 months and was happy with it. However, (and there is always a ‘however’ moment) I have recently come to realise that this doesn’t portray me in a true light – literally!

I have been a part of the Riverport Business Club, which is a local group of businesses who come together at 7.15am every Thursday morning (I know, it’s early especially for a self proclaimed night owl) and we help to support each other and work with each other in referring leads and business to each other both internally and externally through our client connections. I love being a part of this group. I am 6 weeks in and really enjoying listening and engaging with other members.

One such member is Liz Greenhalgh. Liz is a local photographer in Cambridgeshire who offers wedding photography, corporate, family, events and much more. She is great, super professional and great at what she does. She made me feel at ease throughout the whole way through and really understood my needs. The end product was great. Liz sent me over about 30-40 images to look at and I chose the ones that I liked and wanted to use and within a matter of days, I had the final images through that I wanted to share with you all. Check out her photos here on Facebook too! (and give Liz a follow)

If you are looking for any corporate photography in Cambridgeshire, get in touch with Liz. She is fab!

The more my business grows, the more I understand the value of getting the right person in to the job you need. If your boiler was to breakdown, you are not calling out a carpenter to fix it are you?!?

Anyway, back to my photos – take a look below and let me know what you think.

Take care and before I go, if you haven’t subscribed yet to my emails, click here.