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The Importance of Humanising Your Brand

In previous times, marketing your business meant a tangible shop front, sending out flyers, putting up posters and word of mouth but in today’s digital world businesses have the opportunity to get more involved in two way conversations with their customers online and really interact with their followers in a more human way. So what are the benefits to humanising your brand, let’s discuss.


It’s likely that the first interaction your potential customers have with you and your business is online through your social media or your website and initially this it will what will pique their interest and lead them to find out more. Providing a human face and personality alongside your online presence will increase the chances of your followers remembering you and contacting you if and when they need your product or service.


As briefly touched on above, familiarity and likeability breeds trust and the more your followers see you and get to know who you are and the problem you can solve, the more they will trust you. This will be heightened if they see people they know and trust also putting their faith in you. People will not necessarily remember every detail about their dealings with you but they will remember how you made them feel along the way.


Humanising your brand will encourage your followers to interact with you in a similar way to that of a friend. Have you ever felt endeared to someone once you get to know them, their personality and know more about them? It’s the same in the digital space. Allow your followers to connect with you in a way they can’t with other brands and treat every interaction with the meaning it deserves.

Loyalty & Referrals

By adding a human touch to your business, over time you will begin to notice that your customers will keep coming back, why go anywhere else when they know, like and trust you to get the job done? Likeability, trust and positive interaction will all lead to loyalty which will then lead to referrals to other people they know who can benefit from your services.

In my experience as a business owner and receiving testimonials, they are not always just about the service I have provided but the majority mention me as a person and how I have interacted with them over the years. It’s something I’m proud of and I value the humanity in my own brand.

If you are struggling to humanise your brand or don’t know where to begin digitally, I am always here for a chat.