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My Top 5 Tips on Building Online Connections

Making connections for your business in the digital world isn’t always as simple as meeting up for a coffee with another business owner but whilst making online connections is a little different, it’s no less powerful. Here are my top 5 tips on building online connections as a business owner, let’s take a look.

Build Your Online Presence

First and foremost, before you start making online connections, you need to build and boost your own online presence as a business owner. Do you have a website, a blog or social media pages set up? This will not only boost trust and authority in your business but will make it easier for people to reach out and make online connections with you too. Have you got your online presence sorted? Let’s dive in and start looking at ways to connect!

Always Reply to Messages and Comments

To build trust with your audience, always reply to any messages, comments or queries left online for you. This will show your audience that you are an active business that cares about its customers and followers. When you reply to online comments, avoid one word answers and really make an effort to ask open ended questions to keep the conversation flowing.

Seek Out Business Owners with Mutual Interests/Expertise

Join platforms and communities with similar business interests to you and get chatting to other business owners, you never know what opportunities or referrals will come your way. On the flipside to this, you can gain valuable insights and learning opportunities from other experienced business owners. Nurture your networks and keep the lines of communication open with other business owners in the area.

Provide Talking Points

A big part of networking is reaching out to others but another good way to build connections is by getting others to reach out to you. You can do this by providing thought provoking topics across your channels and networks. What are people talking about right now? What’s worrying them? Provide the space for people to add their thoughts on hot topics in the business space.

Attend Online Events

Always be on the lookout for the latest online events happening in your sector, these events can be an excellent way to interact with a brand new network. Not only will you benefit from the event itself but many online events now provide virtual breakout rooms or opportunities to connect with other attendees via a messenger service.

I hope this blog has given you some valuable insight into how you can begin building and maintaining your online networks. If you are stuck at the first hurdle and need some help to build your online platforms from the ground up, I would love to help. Reach out to me here.

Or feel free to connect with me here on LinkedIn.