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The Benefits of a One Page Website

Website design is ever-changing and evolving and business owners have so many options when it comes to showcasing their business online. A popular option amongst business owners today is creating a one page website which allows them to advertise their business all on one page, So, let’s get right to the benefits…

It’s Simple

As stunning as your larger website might be, we have to consider your website from the user perspective. Larger, more complicated websites can be overwhelming for users who are looking for a way to contact you or just find out a little bit more about what you can help them with. Above all, a one page website is simple, clean, uncluttered and says exactly what you need it to without overcomplicating things.

It’s Mobile Responsive

One of the greatest benefits of a one page website is that it is highly mobile responsive and with the majority of internet users in the world now browsing from their phones, a one page website is the perfect opportunity to tap into a mobile audience and design your website around current mobile trends and the easy scrolling actions on mobile phones and tablets.

It’s Easier to Navigate

From a user perspective, your one page website is so much easier to navigate compared to a traditional website but also means that you can control the narrative and the order in which your users consume your content, making your website more intuitive. It will also allow users to find easy to digest content quickly as all they need to do is keep scrolling your one page to find what they are looking for.

It Takes Less Time to Build

If you are under pressure to launch a website, a one page website is the perfect solution for you as it takes less development time to design and build a single page website compared to a multi-page one. In fact, my sister company One Page Website Design promises to get your one page website up and running and live in just 7 days. You can find out more about this here.

It’s Cost Effective

As we mentioned above, a one page website will take less time to get up and running which means it will also be less expensive. A one page website is perfect for business owners who are on a budget and need a simple, functional and effective website quickly in a more cost effective way.

Are you interested in boosting your business with a one page website? I would love to help. Please visit my other brand, www.onepagewebdesign.co.uk, or reach out to me here for chat.