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Is ChatGPT the way forward for business owners in 2024?

If you are unsure what ChatGPT is, let me explain.

Actually, let’s ask ChatGPT to give us the answer instead….

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It is part of the GPT-3.5 architecture, which is a variant of the larger GPT-3 model. ChatGPT is specifically designed for generating human-like text responses in natural language conversations

There we have it. A clear explanation of what ChatGPT is and how to use it all wrapped up in one paragraph, by ChatGPT itself.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your business is something you can easily embrace. It’s a tool. It’s a resource and it’s something which will not take over the world (we hope!) but it’s something we can use to help our business.

It will not do all the work for us. We need to be present, and we (as business owners) need to be in the driving seat for commands and prompts in order to receive the right responses to make us more efficient and effective in our role.

I was recently talking to one of my friends and they mentioned that “my business was in jeopardy as business owners will use ChatGPT to create social media content, blogs, email campaigns and be able to create websites

I do not disagree that AI will and can do all of the above however….. ChatGPT only works when you work it.

It requires a human to input the correct prompts. The better the prompt, the better and more tailored the response you will get in return.

(It was at this point when I thought I may be sounding a little defensive with the conversation)

In my experience, there is one thing business owners tend to struggle with; time. Lack of it I should add. Not having the time to manage the day to day running of their social media accounts.

Creativity is another one. I always say it’s important to have the right people in the right places. I have an accountant. I have a virtual assistant. I have a team of people who support me and the running of my business.

ChatGPT is another member of my team too now and it’s free to use!

A business owner may lack the time and the creative skills to produce social media content and then post it. ChatGPT will help create the content but it will not post it for you – yet!

I use it daily and here is an example of how I have used it of late with email marketing for a client:

I needed some inspiration around a subject line for an email campaign. I had already written one, but I wasn’t happy with it.

I felt it needed something a little more engaging to encourage the open rate.

I used the following prompt for ChatGPT;

“Imagine you are a UK based recruitment agent. You are writing an email to send to candidates on your database in an email marketing campaign. The subject matter of the email is around ‘top tips for writing a covering letter when applying for jobs’. Please ensure the title is not flamboyant, it is punchy and engaging. Please suggest three subject lines or me to choose from.

Note the use of the word ‘please’ which I will come on to later.

Here was the response from ChatGPT:
“Boost Your Job Applications: Top Cover Letter Tips”

“Nail Your Cover Letter with These Expert Tips”

“Stand Out to Employers: Essential Cover Letter Advice”

Not bad eh?! And it took less than half a second for this result. Half a second!!

Will AI be able to write the whole email? Yes, if I wanted it to.
Will AI be able to get the right tone of voice? Yes, because I will include this in my brief.
Will AI be able to add this into the email marketing platform and create the imagery to accompany the email? Possibly and possibly.

This is all about working smarter and having AI in your pocket to bring out when you need it.

I don’t believe AI and using ChatGPT will replace people like me and the business model I have. Business owners can adopt AI to become a ‘part of’ the operations of the business. You can use it to write emails, suggest ideas for content creation, write website content and much more.

I do believe there are some businesses who will suffer because of AI. Copywriters for one could be affected but then there are two other factors we have not considered. Facebook and Google!

Will the Facebook algorithm be able to spot the use of AI content and therefore downgrade the quality ranking? Yes and there are talks of this already happening.

Will Google be able to detect when AI has written a piece of content? Yes and it is already doing so. (even though Google has launched its own version of ChatGPT)

Lots of questions there to comprehend I appreciate. Only time will tell.

The title of this article is all about whether or not AI will be the way forward for business owners. I believe it’s a new ‘way forward’ that we all should adopt. AI is not going away. It is here to stay and will become more widely used in the years to come.

I could use ChatGPT to create 10 posts a month, charge a fee to my clients all in a fraction of the time. I won’t need team so my profit margins would be much higher.

I won’t and don’t do that.

I firmly believe your social media needs a human touch. My team are encouraged to use ChatGPT but for inspiration purposes only. My amazing team are experienced in content creation, and we have a two-step process for content approvals as well to ensure the quality is on point at all time.

I can spot AI content a mile off and even noticed one of my competitors using AI generated content on their social media. I believe it sets a precedent for quality of work.

Am I doing the right thing? I firmly believe so.
Is my competitor doing the right thing? That’s their business model and not my place to say.

Before I finish, I mentioned further up about saying the word ‘please’ in my prompts to ChatGPT. Why? This is two-fold:

  • I would regard myself as a nice guy and super polite too, even when talking to robots.
  • You never know… if AI does take over the world, I may be spared because I said ‘please’.

Thanks for reading and if you would like a short demo about using ChatGPT in your business, drop me a message and we can book in some time to chat.

[This blog was written with my own fair hands and mind and was not in any way inspired by Artificial Intelligence]