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4 Weeks On – Still Going Strong!

Welcome back to my blog and before I start, I wanted to take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me in my first 4 weeks since launching the business. I am truly grateful.

When I first launched, I knew that it was a tough time, financially, for businesses with the effects of Covid-19 taking hold.

However, I have always said to the clients I have worked with in the past, that during tough times, you need to ‘UP’ your marketing output to stand out from your competitors.

Now is the time to make a difference because many of your competitors around you are standing still!

Progress not perfection…

I knew that things would not happen overnight. I knew that I needed to focus on being consistent. Consistent with my marketing message by making sure that I put my brand (face) in front of people. It always makes me smile when I produce my videos because I have suggested to clients that “video marketing is the way forward”. It is 100% outside of my comfort zone but I keep pushing on.

When I set out my business plan, I wanted to look at getting one new client per week. I have achieved this and more. How have I done it?

Being consistent with my marketing message, Facebook adverts and getting regular blogs on my website.

The future looks bright…

I am confident that I can keep ‘doing what I do’. I am not perfect (no-one is) and I know that there will be learning curves ahead of me, but I am confident that I can keep helping businesses to achieve more.

A few days into my launch, I received a message from an old friend in the digital industry on LinkedIn. He wished me good luck and said: “The social, digital and creative space is a fierce market, especially for new entrants and that I hope you can carve out a niche”

The niche I am carving out is simple. It’s me! I wrote a blog two weeks ago about the ‘One Man Brand’ which outlines the services I provide and how I can help businesses using the skills that I have learned through the years.

Time will tell…

I know it’s a big world out there. I also know my strengths and I work on my weaknesses everyday.

When I started writing this blog, I was conscious that I didn’t want to come across ‘braggy’. I can safely say that I am very happy with how things have started out for me both personally and for my business.

Long may this continue and thank you for reading my latest blog.