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Answered: How Are My Videos Really Performing?

Welcome back to my blog and I hope everyone is doing well in current climate.  In this blog, I am hoping to answer a burning question that you may have about the videos that I am producing and how well they are really performing.

When I started my business in June 2020, I said to myself that I wanted to make sure that I kept up with my own marketing strategy from day one. It is all too easy to sit back and help others and focus on the service levels to my clients than actually maintain a structure to how I am promoting and marketing myself.

I say, ‘burning question’, There is a chance that it may not be burning for you, but I am confident you would like to know, honestly, what I achieve from producing my weekly videos.


Now, this is the honest truth; I had very little expectations with what I thought I would achieve when releasing my ‘vlogs’ online. I suppose the only thing I wanted to see happen was that people would appreciate me creating the videos and see them as being useful. (My clients DID by the way, but I will come back to that a bit later on).

I did not expect to become a YouTube star overnight. I know that kids today are starting to say that they want to be ‘famous’ when they grow up. I can assure you; I am still growing up every day and learning more and more as my business grows. You should always be learning.

When will I…… be YouTube famous?

If you sang that line above to the tune of Bros, then I am with you and I now have the track stuck in my head whilst writing this. Check this out here. 

I have three YouTube subscribers. Myself, my wife and probably my Mum, bless her. Why am I telling you this? Two reasons:

1) I said I was going to be honest in this blog
2) You can actually check them out here, so you can see for yourself.

*It would be amiss of me to not encourage you to click the link and subscribe right now wouldn’t it?!?!. If so, welcome to my channel!

Like I said; I am NOT trying to be YouTube famous. You do not need to have tens of thousands of subscribers to be of value to someone and to be successful.

I may only have three subscribers but my video posts on social media are reaching hundreds if not thousands of people. I have using my videos in my FB advertising strategy as well which is working really well. If you would like to see some example stats, please get in touch.

Successful or famous? I know what I would prefer to be.


This has been excellent. I am so pleased that people are engaging with my videos and really appreciating the fact that I am putting myself in front of the camera and showing people who I am really am.

I have no intentions of stopping my videos, even though some of my weeks can get a little hectic and I am experiencing how stressful it can be having to do several takes. (Remember, I am not perfect as you may have seen when my cat decided to make an appearance)

I have also had some constructive feedback too which has really helped me, and I am now taking this into my videos as I go. I keep pushing on.

I have had at least three clients sign up to one of my social media services because of my videos. My clients have told me this by the way! They said that they got to know me a little better and could see that I am genuine, honest and passionate about what I do.

My videos have also been used to provide social media top tips but also to introduce my blogs and to perhaps chat through some things that have been going on for me since I launched.

My advice to you…

You do not need to spend thousands of pounds on equipment. If you have a smartphone, you are ready to get started. People buy from people.

Get yourself in front of your followers. Let them know who you are, what you do and how you can help them. These are the three key principles behind my marketing strategy and its working.

I spent £8.99 on a tripod and £17.99 on a desktop light ring from Amazon to help ‘brighten me up’ a little. The light ring is optional by the way, but the tripod is an investment.

In all seriousness, I was really nervous when I started recording my videos. Now I feel more and more comfortable each time I press record. It takes time but it’s worth it.

I keep pushing on.

My videos are working. People are telling me that my content is helping them, and they are getting to meet the real me.

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about the ‘one-man brand’ if you are interested which touches on me and the brand itself; which is me!

Here is my offer…

If you would like to chat about your business and how you can get started with some video content, my inbox is open. Just drop me a message and I will get in touch to have a chat to discuss.

No charge.

Just you and me chatting and if you feel comfortable doing so, we could do a WhatsApp video call or Zoom to get you started.

It is 100% up to you.

Hope you appreciated my honesty in this week’s blog and good luck if you are venturing out there for the first-time creating video content.

Until we speak again.