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Networking – My Top Tips

Networking can do wonders for your business and getting involved in an established network in your local area can provide unique opportunities for your personal growth and the growth of your business. Here are my top tips for effective networking.

Be Prepared

Always be prepared by having essential marketing material to hand such as business cards, contact details and anything else you think your prospective network might be interested in. Always be on the lookout for ways to get involved in local networks or initiatives and if your local area doesn’t have a business network yet, then why not create one?

Build Your Confidence

Networking involves a lot of pitching and presenting yourself so if you don’t feel confident in this area, you might want to work on building up your confidence beforehand. Knowing your product and service inside out can provide the boost you need to pitch your business when you need to, so consider spending some time working on this.

Engage with Your Network

Networking doesn’t stop with the end of the last event. You will need to constantly engage and communicate with your network on a day to day basis. Give a shout out to your network on your social media channels, promote your next event and try to get others to join. If you see an opportunity that might suit a fellow networker, let them know!

Build Relationships

Building relationships is the most important part of belonging to a network of like-minded people and the strength of those relationships is determined by your authenticity. Be proactive and reach out to those you feel you would like to get to know better beyond networking events by inviting them for a lunch or coffee to get to know each other better.

I hope this blog has helped you realise the benefits of networking for your own personal and professional gain. Whether you are a new business owner or you have been in business for a while, it’s time to get out there, meet new people and network and if you fancy a no-obligation coffee and a chat to discuss anything business related, just send me a message here.

If you are local to me in Cambridgeshire, you are welcome to talk to me about the networking group I attend, Riverport Business Club.