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The Latest Website Design Trends

If you are thinking of launching your business website this year, you couldn’t be doing it at a better time! Aside from the wealth of benefits to taking your business digital, 2024 is an excellent time to take advantage of the latest design trends. Website design isn’t just about what looks good anymore, it’s creating the best user experience possible, let’s take a look at the emerging trends together.

Video Content

Video content isn’t just reserved for use across your social media platforms. The use of video is the perfect way to get more information on your website, whilst using less text. In fact, video is highly popular and is a firm favourite with audiences across all sectors. According to Statista, In 2024, video content will make up for 82% of the internet traffic.

The use of AI

We are stepping away from the overuse of stock images with bespoke AI creations and designs. Using AI to achieve your website design goals will provide a unique look and feel to your website which incorporates your brand style. Whether your brand is more illustrative, modern or futuristic, AI provides a fun and interactive way to make your website your own.

Minimalistic Bold

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘less is more?’ Well minimalistic bold sums this up perfectly. Your website should still contain the clean lines and minimalist design which supports an easier navigation experience with a fun twist: going bold. Your website will lose the clutter and use bigger bolder fonts and action buttons to get your message across.

Depth and Texture

Textured designs are exploding in a good way this year. You can achieve this on your website by using gradient or textured backgrounds in bolder colours or the use of texture through interactive buttons and parallax scrolling. There are so many ways to use depth and texture to delight your followers, the possibilities are endless.

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