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Campaign Objectives with Facebook Advertising Explained

How do you run ads on Facebook for your business? Do you hit the publish button and hope for the best or do you have clear objectives in mind which align with your business goals? If you are the former, don’t worry as in this blog I will be explaining the different campaign objectives available on Facebook.


This option will share your ad posts with people who are likely to remember and be interested in your business. This one is excellent for a brand awareness objective as you build your business and brand. The first step is making an audience aware of your business.


The traffic objective simply send traffic wherever you choose. This could be to your website, your online shop, flash sale pages, an app or the landing pages associated with your business. Use this option for conversion and visibility goals.


This objective will help you with the first stage in your selling process by targeting leads who are more likely to purchase your product or service. This campaign objective will also help with gathering lead data such as phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information so you can nurture your leads through the next stage of the sale.


This objective targets people who are most likely to engage with your brand through likes, shares, messaging apps and aims to get more views on your posts or videos. Use this objective if you want more people to see and react to what your business does.

App Promotion

If you have a brand new app and you want to create awareness and encourage downloads then this is the campaign objective for you. App registration is required and will target people who are most likely to download, install and use your app based on their Facebook usage.


If you are a product based business, the sales objective is perfect for garnering awareness and sales of your products from your Facebook ads. As your product pictures will be shown to the people most likely to buy them, it’s advisable to make your images as dynamic and user friendly as possible.

I hope this blog has helped you align Facebook ads with your ultimate business goals, if you need more specific help or you would like to chat through your business with me, please book a time in my diary here.

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