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FB Ads Vs Organic Reach

If you have just started using Facebook for your business, you might not be aware of the pros and cons of using paid ads or organic content to reach your chosen audience or even where to start with your own social media strategy. This is where I can help. Read on to discover more about the types of posts you can use on Facebook to reach your target audience.

What is the Difference Between Organic Reach and Paid Ads?

Organic reach is any post which is created and distributed to an unspecified audience. Organic means you didn’t pay to advertise the post and reach refers to the number of people who have seen or have been shown your post on Facebook. A paid ad is a post which has been created as a specific advert and shown to a specific demographic of people and you have created a budget and made payment to make this happen.

Organic Reach

Unfortunately, the days of creating huge waves on Facebook using organic posts is dwindling. The Facebook algorithms mean that Facebook chooses who will see your posts and how often it shows up in their feed. This can be affected by many factors including what time you post, whether your audience has interacted with you before, whether your post is deemed as interesting enough for a certain audience or even the content of your posts. The down side of organic reach is you don’t get to choose who sees your posts.

All is not lost though!

The positive side of organic posts on Facebook is the creativity that can be put into your posts. The key here is complete consistency and quality posts. The more your audience engage with and click on your content, the more it will be shared with them and other people who are potentially interested in your product or service. Organic posts are perfect for building and nurturing trusting online relationships with your customers and followers.

Paid Ads

Undoubtably, paid ads are becoming the way forward but most businesses can benefit greatly from a mixture of consistent organic posts with some paid ads to target a specific demographic. The best thing about paid content is that you can break down and choose who you want to see and engage with your content. This can be broken down in a number of ways including geographical location, specific interests, age, sex and even job roles. This means that it is highly likely you are reaching ready and willing customers every time.

So, which is better?

A solid strategy and a balanced mix of organic posts and paid ads can work wonders for your marketing and can boost your reach, engagement, sales and visibility on Facebook.

If you need help with creating a strategy and getting your product or service seen on social media, I would love to help. Book a time in my diary for a chat here.