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5 Post Ideas for Cleaning Companies to Use on Facebook

If you are the owner of a cleaning company, you are probably wondering how you can create captivating, engaging and relevant posts on Facebook to get potential customers interested in your services and keep your business fresh in the mind of your existing customer base.

Welcome to my blog and this week’s subject contains all you need to know about  creating effective Facebook posts for your cleaning business.

Engage Your Audience

Many people browse Facebook looking for stimulation and waiting for something to jump out, something they can get involved in and get their teeth into! Use this to your advantage by creating engaging posts. Ask questions so that your followers will comment on your posts, to get them talking and sharing their experiences. This will make you memorable!

Share Top Tips

We all love getting something for free and that includes your followers and future customers. Identify a potential problem for your audience and solve it for them. Do you have a great idea for cleaning windows that is not commonly known? Share it with your followers now and when it comes to a job they really don’t want to do themselves, you will be at the forefront of their mind.

Create Videos

Videos are proven to engage more people than a standard post and keep them on your page for longer. You could create a top tips video or provide the much-needed human interaction by introducing yourself and explaining the passion behind what you do. This puts a face behind your brand and provides something for people to relate to. All you need is your phone and a subject to talk about. To read more about using videos to boost your engagement see my blog – Why Video Content Is Key to Engagement Growth.

Show Off Reviews

Do you have a happy customer who was impressed enough to leave a review? Shout about it and let your followers know how proud you are. Testimonials and reviews are great, but they often get buried deep within a company’s website pages. Share your reviews and let others see how well you are doing; this will make them much more likely to use your services in the future.

Explain What Makes You Different

Detailing your services are a fantastic way to showcase your talents and attributes, but they are also much the same as any other cleaning company posts out there. Include service posts but throw in the odd curveball and tell them why YOU are different. Did you find your passion for cleaning in an unusual way? Did you defeat all the odds to build your own business? Tell them!

If you would like further help and advice on creating engaging posts for Facebook or maximising your sales, I am happy to help!

Please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation chat. Alternatively, you are welcome to start your free 10 day social media trial. See the 5 benefits of taking a trial here.