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5 Benefits of Taking a Free Social Media Trial

We know that social media plays an important part of any businesses marketing strategy and the most important question on any business owners’ lips is; ‘shall we get a company to do it for us or do it ourselves?’

The latter is often the first choice but is it the most effective for your brand? Choosing to manage your own social media can be an easy decision to make, if you have the time and the expertise (or even the interest!) If the answer is “no” maybe the sensible choice is to employ the services of a social media manager (like me of course?!?).

However, it is a risk just simply outsourcing without seeing if that company can really help your brand, that is why a free trial is a great opportunity for both you and I.

Let’s briefly look at five benefits to get you started:

1. Try Before You Buy

Very simply put, you get to see my service up close and its relevance to your brand. During the trial, you will get to understand the level of service you are likely to receive and also get to see how I work, and how this can benefit your business.

2. You Get To Test Your Audience

If you are unsure of whether or not a particular social channel is right for your brand, then this is a great opportunity for us to at least try. That way we can look at the results and discuss the opportunities (if any) for future growth.

3. A Better Understanding

A free trial will give you and your business a better understanding of how well social media can work for your brand or your industry. You can spend all day reading books or watching YouTube videos about how social media will help you, but a free trial will give you a great insight up close and personal. We all learn something new every day!

4. Getting Results From Day One

I am a big advocate that it takes time to build a social media presence or an effective strategy, but it is possible for you to start seeing results on the first day. Just imagine, the right post is published, and it starts to get more engagements or more reach and then all of a sudden, an enquiry drops in and now social media is helping you to generate revenue!

5. It’s Free!

You have very little to lose in this situation unless there is a glaring error or the posts are simply harming your brand by trying to spam and falsify the engagement stats. That is NOT what I do. As we all know, ‘there is no such thing as free’ however, in this situation, the free trial is 100% free and without obligation. If you choose not to proceed after the 10 days, I will 100% respect this decision. All I can ask is that there is an opportunity to show you a little more about my social media service and then decision this when finished.

Thank you for reading my latest blog about the benefits of taking a free social media trial. If you are ready to get started, please click here and I will be back in touch with you.