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Why Do People LOVE Video Content?

Have you started creating video content for your business yet? If not, why not?! Video content is your fast track to more engagement, more visibility and ultimately more sales in your business. We know people LOVE video content, here’s why…

It’s Easy to Digest

Short videos are a brilliant way to get your message across in a concise and no-nonsense way. You are the expert in your product or service and your audience will find it easy to watch simple videos on the go and while they are mid-scroll. Keep your videos punchy, to the point and simple and above all, easy to watch.

It’s Quick

The quickness of videos also touches on the point above. Short videos are much more likely to be consumed by your followers. Social media moves at a very fast pace and unless an individual is avidly in to your subject or knows you personally, they are unlikely to take the time to watch long videos unless their attention is grabbed early on. It’s best to keep videos as short as you can and VERY engaging.

It Makes Your Business Human

Video content involving you and your business is a great way to humanise your brand (showing authenticity) and connect with your followers on a regular basis. Your customers and followers will love to see some behind the scenes content involving you and your team and this will have the added bonus of creating and building more trust between you and your audience.

It’s Entertaining and Engaging

We are a nation of entertainers and entertainment lovers, especially when it is accessed so easily from our smartphones! Keep the entertainment coming for your followers and think outside the box when it comes to your video content. The more entertaining and engaging you make it, the more it will be shared and in the long run, there will be more eyes on your business.

If you need some help making videos for your business, I would love to help. I can help you with my custom business explainer videos or even if you just want to have a chat about your business and I can give you some pointers on making some videos of your own. If you need help getting them out on social media, I can assist with that too. BOOK a time in my diary here.