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The Importance of Authenticity in Your Business

I have just finished my latest #LunchtimeLIVE where I was discussing the importance of being authentic in your business and across your social media and advertising channels. I have always tried to remain as authentic as possible in my dealings with my clients and, touch wood, it has paid off. The definition of authentic according to the dictionary is “of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine” which leads us on to why it is so important to convey it across your business.

A Sense of Trust

Trust is one of the most important aspects in business and remains important from the initial contact and all the way through. Trust is what keeps your customers coming back and recommending you to others. By getting to know you and witnessing your authenticity, potential customers will begin to trust you.


If you are being authentic, then you are being original. No-one else is like you and vice versa and this is what your potential customers are buying into; you are the face of your brand and your business, so it is wise to show them that you are who you say you are from the outset. Original also makes you stand out as something different in a crowded marketplace.


We all want someone or something to relate to and your audience are no different. If you show your authentic side through your business, strategies, content and social media (warts and all) then your followers will understand it and relate to it. This builds a solid business foundation.


All of the above points mean that your customers will want to deal with you again and again and they will have the added assurance that if you say you will do something, you will do it and also that if you can’t, you have a genuine reason why. This type of honesty is crucial to the future success of any business.

If you missed my #LunchtimeLIVE and would like to catch up, you can watch the replay here. Next week’s theme will ask the question – Are you being Proactive or Reactive on Social Media? If you would like to attend, here is the link to join.

If you want to find out more about me, what I do and why my cat (Flo) is more popular on social media than me, feel free to have a read through my site. If you need help to show your authenticity through your business, branding and would like to discuss this in more detail, feel free to book a time in my diary here.