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My Top Tips for Creating Engaging Video Content for Your Business

In this blog, I will be discussing something which has the power to take your business to a different level and revolutionise your marketing game – Video Content! But for video content to be effective and remain engaging in your business, there are some things you need to keep in mind, let’s run through them:

You DON’T need All the Things

This can be the difference between getting going with your video content and making an impact or simply not starting at all. You don’t need the latest technology, the right lighting or a dedicated studio to get started. Your phone camera is enough and you are enough. The best way to start is just by doing and grabbing what you have to hand.

What are Your Goals?

Before you create marketing content in any form, it’s always vital to ask yourself what you hope to achieve. What are your goals and objectives in creating video content? Do you want to create more engagement with your brand? Do you want to humanise your business? Will you be offering tips and advice? Do you want your audience to interact and ask questions or will your videos be purely entertainment or educational? Define clear goals and base your content around them.

Plan Your Content

It’s important to completely plan your content out before you get on camera so when you have outlined your objectives as described above it’s time to decide how you would like to get your message across. Will you be setting up a live interactive event or will you create pre-recorded videos and share them online? You can then begin to create your overall content plan and a theme for your videos.

Stay on Point

To keep your audience engaged be yourself but also keep your content short and to the point to avoid people getting bored or scrolling past your videos. In the age when everything is at our fingertips, short, snappy content with a clear purpose will always be more popular in winning over the masses.

Be Authentic

To build trust and gain a good following, be authentic with your video content and become the familiar face of your brand. The more relatable, friendly and down to earth you are, the more people will trust and engage with you, your business and the video content you put out there.

Research Trending Themes

What are people talking about and why? Can you give a different perspective on hot topics? Can you provide a new solution to a common pain point for your followers? Always be on the lookout for current content that you can get involved in and make your own.

What other top tips would you add to this list? Have you already started creating video content for your business or do you have it planned for the future. I would love to know where you are in your journey. Feel free to reach out to me here online.