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My Start Up Guide to Generating Engagements on your LinkedIn Profile

How much importance does LinkedIn hold for you as a business owner? In the exciting world of social media, LinkedIn is an integral part of networking and gaining faithful followers for your business, so how exactly do you generate more engagements for your profile or page? Here is your handy start up guide!

Create Attractive, Engaging Content

If your content isn’t attractive to your ideal audience, your engagement rate will suffer for it. Try to get inside the head of your ideal customer or follower and ask yourself what they would like to get out of your posts. Also, simply keep your posts engaging; ask questions and ask for opinions, host giveaways or offer free downloads.

If you are interested, I have tried and tested tools I use for my own business to keep my content attractive, you can read about them here.

Join Groups in Your Industry and Tag Business Owners

Get involved in current conversations and create those all-important connections by joining groups related to your industry. When you have built up some solid connections, begin tagging other businesses and individuals in posts that are relevant to them, feature them or support them in some way. This will boost your engagement rate as the people you have tagged react and share your messages.

Optimise Your Profile and Pages & Post Consistently

One of the most important things you can do to boost your engagement on LinkedIn is to ensure you have optimised your profile and pages effectively. Fill in all the blanks in your profile, add a profile picture or logo to your pages, provide a cover image which is unique and stands out to your audience and always ensure there is no missing contact information.

Create Video Content and Feature Your Staff

This step will clearly differentiate you from your competitors and even though your business model might not be completely unique; you and your employees are! Show the LinkedIn platform some exclusive benefits, behind the scenes footage, posts, videos and the unique content that gets all the clicks, views and shares.

I hope this guide has helped you with what you can do to create more engagement on LinkedIn and get your page in the running when it comes to engagement. If you need any help at all, please contact me for a no-obligation chat.