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How to Avoid Social Media Failure

If you are embarking on your social media posts for your business yourself, there are some things to keep in mind to avoid failing at social media and wasting your precious time. Let’s get started.

Always Post Consistently

Consistent posting will not only get your business seen across your chosen platforms but your familiarity with your audience will slowly build trust and authority in your business as people get to recognise you, your brand and what you can do for them. Posting consistently also gives you the opportunity to share any awareness days that are relevant to your business.

Don’t Ghost Your Audience

If your audience and customers on social media engage with you, engage back. No one wants to be ignored, least of all your customers, so when they interact with you on your social platforms, be sure to answer back and start building relationships with them.

Create a Strategy

Posting blindly on your social media with no sense of direction or strategy won’t get you the great results you want to see for your business so it’s important to think about your posts and tailor them to your audience and the people you want to attract. Check out my blog post – My 7 Posts in 7 Days Social Media Strategy here.

Track and Repeat What’s Working

Have you ever looked at your insights on your business social media pages? What has gone well in the past and what do your audience like to see? Find out and do it again. You can dress it up in lots of different ways to provide new content but do more of the type of posts people are liking, sharing or commenting on.

Choose the Right Platforms

Are you on all the social media platforms with no idea of your audience or are you only sticking to one out of fear of the unknown? It’s vital that you sit down and take the time to figure out where you preferred audience are and get yourself in those places to attract more customers for your products or services.

I hope this guide has helped you get more out of your social media and given you an idea on what you need to be doing to remain successful. If you are struggling with lack of time to carry out your own social media activities, I would love to see if my social media service is the right fit for you and your business. Book a call with me here.