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My 7 Posts In 7 Days Social Media Strategy

I have been having great fun on my #LunchtimeLIVE events so far. In a recent one, the idea was to assist small business owners to think about what they could do to stand out on social media by using my simple social media strategy – “7 Posts in 7 Days”. You might be thinking, “that sounds so obvious!” But stick with me here. The goal of my Facebook LIVE events was to get business owners to add some variety into their social media posts over a period of 7 days.

If you missed my LIVE. Here is a condensed rundown for you of one of our my recent free events.

Showcasing a Success Story, Reviews and Testimonials

If you have a new review, case study or success story, don’t be scared to share it! Your audience might not see any new reviews so it’s always a good idea to place it right in front of them where they can see it, in a post! This type of post builds trust and places you as an authoritarian in your sector.

Sharing Industry & National News

A good way to get your posts out there for people to see, like and comment on is by sharing external industry relevant articles through your social media channels. Just be sure not to share anything from a direct competitor! A good rule of thumb for these types of posts is to keep it current, positive and relevant.

Keeping it Interesting, Engaging and Inspirational

Your audience are much more likely to stop scrolling if they see something new, fresh and engaging. Try to think of ways to stop them in their tracks! Get them involved by creating polls, asking questions, running quizzes or competitions and sharing feelgood and inspirational posts.

Informing About Your Website & Services

You could get a whole week or more out of this one alone. If you have a website – use it! Share your services, about you and your team, your blog posts, videos, testimonials and anything contained on your website with a link back to it for further information.

Stay consistent… and remember, keep doing more of what’s working!

If you missed my #LunchtimeLIVE and would like to watch the replay or sign up for one of my future events, click here.

If you need further help with your social media strategy or want to discuss any of the above ideas in more detail you are welcome to book a time in my diary here.