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Fresh Approaches to Create Content Your Customers Want

Whether you are well seasoned when it comes to social media for your business or you are just beginning to build your online presence, you might be feeling overwhelmed with the task of creating fresh content which resonates with your audience on a day to day basis, with this in mind, here are my fresh approaches to creating the content your customers want to see.


Repurposing popular content is easy when you adapt it to the different platforms you are active on. If you have a YouTube video, try splitting up the main key points in the video to create a blog post, a social media series of posts or an infographic which can be all posted in smaller chunks to keep your audience engaged over time and add value for your followers.

Go Live!

This is the scary one if you aren’t used to being on camera but trust me, it gets easier every time you do it. Going live is an excellent way to build anticipation around what you want to say, you can actively engage with your audience in your scheduled live event and from their point of view they get to see and interact with a live human being, which builds trust.

Create Polls

Aren’t sure what to post to your audience and what they may be interested in? This is a common one among those just starting out with social media. Using polls across your platforms is a good way to get people engaging with your posts and you get to find out more about them and what makes them tick.

Run Giveaways or Discounts

If you have a product based business and can make it work within your budget, giveaways are perfect for social media and you could even get a few weeks’ worth of posts around it. Intrigue your audience by mentioning your giveaway, build it up slowly and encourage them to share with their friends. You could even ask your followers to take specific actions to be in with a chance to win such as following your page or tagging others.

Post a Quote

Everyone loves a quote which resonates with them and people are more likely to share this type of content if it hits home for them. The quotes you share could be based around your business sector, your product or something which you are very passionate about and lets your audience know what you value. If it resonates, your audience will like and share it.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and it gives you a fresh perspective for your social media journey moving forwards. If you would like a chat with me to brainstorm what else might work for you, I will be happy to set up a no-obligation call with you.