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5 Things I have Learnt From My #LunchtimeLIVE Facebook Events

Welcome back to my blog and I hope everyone is keeping well and safe during these times. Every Friday at 1pm I present my #LunchtimeLIVE on Facebook. This gives me the opportunity to engage with my followers and provide some useful tips for social media.

Going live gives me an excellent opportunity to share some of my insights about social media and to provide some free top tips to those business owners who have a Facebook page. So, what have I learnt over the past two weeks? Here’s a little insight of my own that I thought I would share in a blog for you all.

No Expectations

I will be 100% honest with you. I had zero expectations on what I would achieve from my #LunchtimeLIVE events. I recognise that the moment I start to expect certain outcomes, my objectives are not met. What I mean by this is that I am not suddenly expecting 20 clients to sign up to my social media service or that my inbox will be full of enquiries. That is NOT the reason for going LIVE!

My Feedback

To date, my feedback has been excellent. I was so pleased to see that someone (for whom I had never dealt with before) reached out to me and asked for a one-to-one chat to discuss their social media channels. They had said that they loved how “genuine” and “real” I was and that they could see that I was helping people with some ideas and top tips. This made my day because if I can help one person to take one piece of information away with them and apply it to their social, then this has worked for me.

Getting Engagements

This also ties into my ‘expectations’ and my ‘feedback’ quite nicely. The more I go live; the more people will get to know me and engage with me. When people comment and say hello and ask questions (or even ‘like’ the live event) this all helps with my engagements and helps to raise my personal profile in the digital world. Remember that engagements are the key to social success. I wrote a blog a while back about reach and engagements on social media. Check it out here.

I am NOT a TV Presenter

This is something that I will discuss in my next #LunchtimeLIVE event that takes place on Friday and I am the first to admit that I am not a TV presenter. I have not been trained professionally and whilst I am not trying to come across as being negative on my own performances, I am a realist. I am not perfect and there have been a few times where I have managed to mix up my words and or rambled a little but do you know something; this helps to show people that I am just another business owner on Facebook and I am a genuine human being.

They Really Do Work!

I am seeing some great results from my #LunchtimeLIVE events. I really enjoy doing them (although I do get a touch nervous shortly before) and I am getting some excellent feedback. I have the next 5 events prepared and I am going to keep doing them because they are good fun and it’s great to get in front of people and share what I know to others who are on Facebook managing their own business pages.

So, there we have it; 5 Things I have Learnt From My #LunchtimeLIVE Facebook Events. If you are interested in joining me on Facebook sometime, click here to see all my upcoming events.

Bye for now.