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3 Ways To Achieve More Reach On Your Facebook Posts

Thanks for checking in on this week’s blog and I hope that you will read this and take this forward to your Facebook page and implement these three ways to achieve more reach on your Facebook posts.

Sometime ago, I heard someone say: “Page likes are for show, and reach is for dough”. I will never forget this and it’s that comment that has inspired me to write this week’s blog. It covers the two main questions I often get asked.

Why do my posts not reach more people?

How can I get more people to engage with my posts?

Let me first explain that the number of people who like or follow page is NOT necessarily the maximum amount of people your posts will reach. Many business owners will use this as a marker to measure success. I can see why. Naturally, you will assume that the more people who like your page the better. This is true but, there is much more to it than that.

In order to reach more people, you ideally need to raise the level of engagements. An engagement on your post is when someone likes, comments, shares or clicks. If we increase these numbers, the more people will see your posts. Just remember you are not always in control of the results you receive on Facebook.

The Facebook algorithm is one of the best kept secrets in the digital world, for obvious reasons however, but my research has shown that an increase in engagements means an increase of reach.

Here are 3 ways to achieve more reach on your Facebook posts:

1. Ask Questions

Would you agree that by asking a question you are likely to receive a reply? Start a conversation with your posts to get more people to engage with you.

By asking questions, you are opening the door to speak to your audience. For example, if you are an accountant and you are looking to get more clients, you may want to identify a problem that a business owner has first. Your post could help solve that problem.

Top Tip: If you are getting replies to your question, I would recommend answering or liking the replies. This helps to keep the conversation going

2. Text, Image and Link – Repeat.

Three rules of a Facebook post. The image will grab people’s attention. The text will help explain or talk about what you are posting.The link will help direct some traffic into your website as a ‘call to action’. Sometimes you may not always have all three of these to use, but this is best practice in my opinion.

Top Tip: Don’t just use a copy of your logo as the image. Consider using the images you already have on your website. This will help to correlate with your posts. Maybe even look to find a product image or make it relatable by using a photo of a member of your company.

3. Be Consistent and Patient!

Things will not always happen after one post. It takes time and you do need to be patient. The more quality you post, the better. If people are seeing more of you and your company brand, the more they are likely to relate to you. Being consistent is key to this and whilst it may be disheartening that you don’t see results overnight, it will come. Have faith in what you are doing and keep doing it.

Top Tip: You could look to use some social media management software to help you schedule some posts into your calendar. This way you will not have to spend all day on Facebook. Sometimes, business and life can get in the way of social media and this increases your chances of NOT being consistent.

There you have it; 3 ways to achieve more reach on your Facebook posts.

If you would like any more tips or would like a free review of your social media, please get in touch. I would be happy to spend some time with you.