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4 Ways To Boost Your Online Presence!

4 Ways to Boost Your Online Presence!

It’s important to have an online presence these days, especially if you are a business owner and you have a product or service to sell. Here are my 4 top tips on how to boost your online presence.

Have a Website

A website is probably the single most important thing you can do for your business. It’s your business’s ‘online home’ (or hub as I like to refer to it as) and somewhere your customers can go to find out about you and your product or service and vitally, make a purchase from you. I say it quite often to my web design clients. Tell people, who you are, what you do and how you can help them. It’s these simple steps that can make your website FAIL from day one.

Be Active on Social Media

I have said it before and I will say it again, there is little worse than a ghost town social media account and it almost guarantees that potential customers or clients will go elsewhere. In these current times where many businesses have closed due to the Coronavirus, do you need your potential clients to question if you are open for business?. Watch my Facebook live here.

If you are not active, get active.

If you don’t have social media accounts set up, set them up.

If you need some content ideas, see my previous blog – 5 Ways to Make Your Social Media STAND OUT!

Use Online Directories

If you have a website and social media accounts but still want to get your business seen by more people, online business directories are a good place to start. Take an hour to submit your business details to a few directories that you feel would best serve your business and get seen by more people actively searching for your product or service. You can also make sure that you have an optimised Google account which will help when people are searching for your business.

Create a Blog

There is no better way than a blog to share your knowledge, let your customers get to know you, showcase your authority in your field and build trust. A blog also provides good content for your social media and email marketing too so make sure it doesn’t sit there looking pretty on your website! Share it. Get maximum exposure. (A bit like what I am doing right now!)

I hope you have found the above tips helpful in boosting your online presence as a business. If you need any help with creating a website, managing social media, writing blogs or even assistance with a business start-up, I would love to chat with you.