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Why Use Social Media to Hire in Your Business?

You are expanding your business! This is great news and it’s so exciting nurturing a team but where do you start when it comes to finding and hiring candidates for your business and is social media an effective way to do it?

Here are my top tips on how and why to use social media to find your dream team!

Reach a Wider Audience

Traditional job postings are great but they don’t have the potential to reach as many people as you would posting your job vacancy across your social media channels. The added bonus of this is that your job advertisement will reach people who might not be actively browsing job sites or specifically looking for a job but would take the bull by the horns and leave their current job if the right opportunity came up.

Target Your Ideal Candidate

Using tools like paid Facebook adverts will help you to target your ideal candidate through a range of demographics, narrowing down the individuals who don’t match your criteria or even the ones who you might not be the best fit for either. This ensures that you only ever get strong candidates to the interview and hiring stage. This approach will definitely give you the edge as someone looking to employ the perfect team member!

Save on Advertising Costs

Some job posting boards will charge a subscription or a fee for you to post your job advertisements and paper based adverts in newspapers or classified sections might also charge a nominal fee depending on the how long you want to run your advert. Unless you decide to run a paid advert on your social media then any jobs you post across your channels are completely free and people will contact you directly, saving money and cutting out the ‘middle man’.

Show Off Your Company Culture

If your aim is to attract future candidates and get them to reach out to you for any upcoming openings, then social media is the perfect place to show off your company culture and inform the masses that your business is a great place to work! Perfecting the way you come across on your social channels and realigning your internal processes to support this is key.

Do you need some help with creating a hiring campaign across your social media? I have experience in this area and would love to help you recruit your next superstar! Book a time to talk in my diary here.