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What Should You Blog About in Your Business?

I have shared the importance of having a blog for your business from a marketing standpoint, but what should you actually blog about to get those followers visiting your website and coming back for more? Here are my favourite blog ideas for businesses, let’s take a look:

Solve a Problem

The quickest way to get people to your blog is if it solves some kind of a problem for them. Take this blog for example, I am sharing blog ideas for business owners and this solves a problem for the type of people and business owners who follow me. If you can identify a problem your audience have and you have the solution, be sure to share it.

Create a Roundup of Your Year

Have you had a particularly good year in business?
Shout about it to your followers and let them know the details. You could share information on your first year in business, your most popular product for the year or even what you have on the horizon for the next year. This kind of blog post will add a real human element to your business.

Share How Your Product or Service Has Changed Someone’s Life

Write a case study on how your business has helped your customers in a particular way or at a certain time. Start with when your customer first contacted you, how they needed help and what you did to help them. Summarise the benefits of your products or service to this customer and the outcome of the transaction.

New Product or Service Lines and Benefits

Your blog is a great place to let everyone know about your new and upcoming products and services. You could blog about the benefits of each product or service, why it is good value, special offers and promotions associated with it, or the different variants it has.

I hope this blog has helped you come up with blog ideas you can use for your own business. If you need help creating a blog or just need someone to bounce some ideas with, I would love to help you get started on your business blogging journey. Book a free, no-obligation call with me here.