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What Makes a Killer Social Media Post?

It seems to come easy to some businesses doesn’t it? Post after post which reaches and engages their target audience perfectly. If you are looking at your competitors with envy and wondering how you can create your own popular posts, read on for the crucial elements in creating a killer social media post.

Make it Valuable

If your followers aren’t getting any value from your posts, then what reason would they have to like and share them? Unfortunately, unless there is something in it for them, or they know you personally, if an individual doesn’t find some sort of value in your content then they will keep scrolling by.

Make it Timely

Keep your social channels alive and keep up with the times. Stay on top of what is going on or trending in your industry and be the first to let your followers know what’s happening. You will be perceived as an authority in your field and someone who knows what they are talking about.

Make it Relevant

Your content needs to reach the right people for the right reasons, as I mentioned above, if your followers aren’t interested in what you have to say, they will keep scrolling or worse, start hiding or unfollowing your social media channels. Keep it relevant to your audience; you can do this by getting to know your niche and followers inside out. Create your content with ‘them’ in mind.

Pick Your Platforms!

Know what social media platforms will compliment your business and spend time creating the perfect content for them. If you are a photographer for example, Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your talent visually. If you are selling personalised items, Facebook would be great for you. If you are looking to reach other business owners, create your content on LinkedIn. Cross posting is ok but try to focus on the platforms that suit your business.

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Perhaps you already know the ins and outs of creating content for your followers but you just don’t have the time or the interest. If that’s the case, then I would love to have a chat with you about your social media needs going forward. You can book a time in my diary here.