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Website Design IS Important to Your Business – Here’s Why

Do you have a business website? Whilst the content uploaded to your website is vitally important to let your customers know who you are and what you do, what you have to offer and your latest news, sometimes the actual design of the website itself can be lacking in some areas; You might not think this is that important, your customers have everything they need at hand right? But it’s just not the case. Here’s why it’s so important to your business to get your website design just right.


Put simply, if your website is not easy to navigate, responsive, has forms and links that don’t work correctly or is slow to load, your customers won’t stay there, even if they love your business! As consumers in a digital, fast paced world, we will always look for the fastest and easiest way to do things online, if that isn’t there on your website, your customers won’t be either.


Do you have a solid brand which fits your business and its values? If you do, well done! The next step is to ensure your brand is clear to see on your website, if it isn’t, this will cause confusion amongst your audience who might wonder if they have landed on the correct website, if it’s really you they are interacting with or maybe leave them thinking your business and brand isn’t really that great after all.

First Impressions

In real life, we only have 3 seconds upon meeting someone for them to make up their own mind about how they perceive us, it sounds unfair but its true. The same can be said for your website, especially for new visitors who have never dealt with your business before. Will your potential customer stay on your website and consume your content and perhaps place an order or will they be unimpressed and visit a competitors website instead?

I am proud to say I have helped many business owners over the years with creating a responsive website which fits their brand, purpose and creates an outstanding first impression for their business. Check out my portfolio here. If you would like to find out more about I can help you with your website design journey, send me an email here.