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The Importance of the Human Touch in Marketing

Have you ever been bombarded by robotic like marketing which pops up in all the most annoying places? We all know how off-putting it can be and it’s probably the quickest way to get a block or an unsubscribe. In this blog, I’d like to discuss the importance of the human touch in marketing and how it can help your business.

Getting to Know the People Behind a Brand

As humans, we are naturally curious and love to know what goes on behind the scenes and it’s the same for getting to know a business. Getting to know the people behind a brand is important as it gives an insight into the values of the business, what got them to the point they are at and their overall journey. It gives us something concrete to relate to which brings me on to my next point…

Creating Familiarity and Trust

I can’t stress enough how important trust is for business and familiarity breeds trust. If your audience and customers trust you and your business, you couldn’t get a better result than this. The customers who trust you will provide repeat custom, advocate your brand and provide referrals. Providing the human touch helps to create that trust as your audience get to know you as a real person.

Brand Authenticity

You want to be seen as an authentic brand in business, especially in times where brands seem to be getting less authentic by the minute. Putting the human touch into marketing at every stage will give your brand the edge and make you more personable and likeable. Think about what brands jump to mind when you think of authenticity, it’s only a select few right?

Connecting and Engaging

Do you ever wish it wasn’t a chatbot or voice recording you were reaching when you attempt to communicate with a business? Does the lack of humanness grate on you and you wish you could just connect with a real person? Whilst technology has its place and its uses, most people are crying out for a real conversation with a real person who can empathise with and help them.

If you know me and my brand, you will know that my brand is well…me. I decided to make myself the face and person behind my brand in an effort to really get to know my followers and allow them to know and trust me. If you would like to inject the human touch to your marketing efforts, I would love to help you brainstorm on the best ways to do this.

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