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Social Media for Business – Why Consistency Works

If you are just dipping your toe in the water when it comes to your business social media presence, you might have heard that it is important to stay consistent with your efforts, but why is this? Let’s jump in and see why consistency works on social media for your business.

Build Connections

If you are a new business, building connections by posting consistent content should be your main priority as you begin to build your social media presence. Posting consistently ensures that individuals and businesses start to recognise you and you can begin building strong and meaningful connections.

Reliability & Trust

In the online space, familiarity breeds a sense of reliability and trust. Familiarity is achieved by getting seen online as much as you can. As people start to recognise who you are and your content holds value for them, they will begin to look forward to the days and times you post out across social media and take an interest in your products or services.

Current & Relevant

Posting consistently means that your content will always be current and relevant to your audience. Posting sporadically or leaving big gaps in between your posts will quickly render your content as stale and outdated. Things move quickly in the online world! Stay fresh in the eyes of your audience by staying on top of the trends in your sector.

Brand Building

As you build your brand, you need to get as many eyes on it as possible and if those eyes decide to share and engage with your content, you are on to a real winner. Building your brand can seem daunting at first but sharing and posting consistent and relevant content with your brand attached can go a long way to becoming well known in your niche. After you have built your brand, you can tone down the content a touch so you don’t overload your audience.

Do you want to build your brand online but just don’t have the time or the expertise?
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