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SEO: Investment vs Cost – Let’s Discuss

In a nutshell, SEO is based on how near to the top of the page you are in Google search results and once you have an expert on hand, it doesn’t need to be a time consuming or complicated process. As businesses continue to fight for the top spot in the Google rankings, let’s discuss how SEO investment performs against the cost.


SEO becomes an extra cost for businesses who don’t use a solid SEO strategy and poor strategies can actually hurt your business in the pocket over time, effectively wiping out any form of investment. When done correctly, an initial SEO investment will create more sales and overall returns for your business. A strategy doesn’t need to be over complicated, you just need to do what works and be consistent with it.

Don’t let Your Competitors Win at SEO

An effective SEO campaign will keep your business in one of the top three spots in a Google search for your business keywords in your location. Whatever your competitors are doing to retain the top three spots, you need to do it better. A good strategy will start to give you excellent results in a few months and there’s more good news, if you retain that effort and keep pushing for the top, this will make it very hard for other business owners to take your place in the future.

Create Revenue

Put plain and simple, if you look at SEO as a cost for your business with little work and no strategy towards it, that’s exactly what it will remain, a cost with no return.

If you look at SEO as an investment for your business, putting in the time and expertise needed for it to be successful, SEO becomes another stream of revenue, bringing in more customers, sales and underpinning the brand loyalty you have built up.

Does your head hurt when it comes to thinking about SEO for your own business? It doesn’t have to be that way.

I am available for a no-obligation call to walk you through your options and help you navigate the online world of marketing your business. Book a time in my diary here.