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My Top Tips For Creating Events on Facebook

I have talked before about businesses using the power of video and social media to sell and promote their products and services. Around 2.85 billion active users are on Facebook and content in video format across this platform gets as much as 135% more organic reach!

This area of advertising is booming but how can you get involved by creating events and making your business stand out? Here are my top tips on creating events on Facebook.

What is Your Event About?

Make your headline ‘pop’ Think about your followers and their demographics and ask yourself “What will make them click on your event to find out more or sign up?” an attention grabbing headline is important. Make it short, relevant and on point.

Add the Details!

Possibly one of the worst things on social media is getting your audience interested in your event, and they are just waiting for the opportunity to sign up, but where? Where do they click, visit? How do they join? and what time and day is your event going ahead? Make it clear from the outset what is happening and when and add enough detail in your description to make it easy for people to find you on the day.

Give Your Followers a Taste of What’s to Come

You have an opportunity to provide a description of your event, you have one shot at this and it will be one of the first things people see when they click on your event. Keep it short, punchy, interesting and with enough detail to leave your audience wanting more. Are you going to be adding a giveaway or bonus material to your event? Let them know here!

Choose a Dynamic Image

With so many people using mobile internet and apps over a desktop, it is vitally important that you optimise your header and event images to fit all browsers. The ideal ratio for event covers is 16.9 with an image size of 1920×1080. This will ensure that your image looks good across the board and doesn’t appear distorted, pixelated or partly missing.

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