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My Tips and Tricks to Stay on Top of Social for Your Business

If you have a business and a website, you will have social media channels (and if you don’t, you really should!) but as I know from managing my own social media, as well as numerous client social media accounts, it can be difficult to stay on top of and can often be left at the bottom of your to-do list. If your social has fallen by the wayside, here are my top tips and tricks to stay on top of social for your business:

Set Aside Time & Stay Consistent

For your social media efforts to work, you need to set aside specific times to stay consistent. It isn’t necessary to be posting at all hours every day of the week. Find your sweet posting spot and stay consistent with it and you will begin to see results. If time and consistency mean 3pm on a Tuesday and Thursday for you, then stick at it.

Stay on Task

Avoid the urge to mindlessly scroll through social media at times when you are planning to post, engage or reply back to your followers, this will swallow up your time pretty quickly and leave you feeling like social media takes up ALL of your time. Set aside a few minutes a day for the task you want to carry out and work on that.

Have a Plan

Trying to think of what to post on the hop will burn you out. Carve out some time to sit down, consider what and how you want to post and create a plan in line with it. One session could leave you with a weeks-worth of post ideas so you will always know what is going out and when. (If you are stuck for post ideas, visit my blog here)

Keep a Notebook

Keep a notebook or your notes app close to you day to day and train yourself to spot post opportunities as you go. Note down any ideas you come up with and set them aside to work on later in your allocated social media planning/scheduling time.


If the above just doesn’t work for you, don’t let your social media strategy end in a ghost town account. Your social media accounts are a huge marketing opportunity, so treat them with the importance they deserve. Book a no-obligation chat with me here to see what we can come up with, together.