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My Favourite Productivity Tools in Business

Welcome back to my blog, this week I am going to be discussing some of my favourite productivity tools that I use in my business. Using the right productivity tools within your business will allow you to save time, improve communication with your team and customers, keep important files and data in one place, automate your processes and make your business more efficient.

Here are my favourites:


Slack is a business messaging and productivity app which is built for teams. Slack allows you to collaborate with your team effortlessly on a day to day basis. You can organise different aspects of your business into different channels and follow individual conversations around them. Slack is an instant communication tool which is a great alternative to email and I use it daily to stay in touch with my team and keep track of various projects. Slack has free and paid versions depending on your needs.

WhatsApp for Business

Owned by Meta, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app and is a great tool to add to your business communication. You can keep in touch with your clients and customers through a personalised business account and communicate with them instantly. You can set up individual chats or group chats to effectively get your message across. I use WhatsApp regularly to communicate with my clients, share ideas and keep track of campaigns.

Social Pilot

Social pilot has transformed the way I am able to schedule content for my clients I use it every day. Social Pilot is a content scheduling tool which can save hours of time by scheduling content for social media in advance. Social Pilot also allows you to gather analytics reports for your channels and view and reply to comments and messages across your social media platforms. This platform has tiered solutions and subscriptions to suit your individual business.


Trello is an excellent and easy to use project management tool and works with the idea of a Kanban system to keep your business and team productive. A Kanban board within Trello organises each stage of your project into visual and bite-size pieces to keep everyone on track. You can completely personalise and customise Trello along with your boards and projects to completely suit your business and your team. I use Trello to keep track of larger projects and keep them running smoothly. Trello also has free and paid versions depending on your requirements.