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Kickstart 2021 With A New Social Media Strategy

Welcome to 2021 and first, let me wish you all a Happy New Year. When you hear someone (like me) say ‘social media strategy’ you may get that worrying feeling about a large document outlining a full-scale plan with pages and pages of ‘things’ to do.

This may well be the case if you are a large brand or you have an in house marketing team. My target audience is smaller business owners who are likely to require some help with the marketing of their business and by using social media.

In my most recent #LunchtimeLIVE, I talked about how to put together a smaller scale social media strategy that will help you give 2021 a kickstart. There are four key components to a social media strategy that I have found useful in adopting for not only myself but also my clients as well.

Let’s dive in and take a look:

1.Objective Setting

Before you do anything in 2021, it’s time to set an objective over what you are planning to do. Ask yourself; what am I trying to achieve? What are my realistic expectations? I always find it useful to look at identifying your target audience first. For me, it is business owners in the UK who are aged between 30 – 60 years of age. I appreciate that this is a fairly wide demographic but it’s a starting point. I can then narrow this down a little further and start to identify those who need help with the marketing of their business. Your first task is to write down who are looking to market to and what type of content are you looking to post to appeal to this demographic.

2. Consistency Is Key

Simply put, post at least once per day. If you are not sure what to post, get in touch and book some time in my diary and we can work through this together. If you have someone who has liked or followed your page, they are effectively ‘subscribing’ to receive updates and information from you. Why would you NOT give them what they want?

There is nothing worse than seeing a social media account where the last post was days, weeks if not months ago. Is that business still open? Do they really have nothing to share?

3. Plan Ahead

If you are a business owner, you may find that you are always busy ‘in the business’ and sometimes the day will run away with itself. I know this all too well because it can sometimes happen to me. The day disappears and then you sit there is a blind panic because you are conscious that you need to post something on your social media. What happens next is that you are likely to leave it for one day, then two, then three days. The next thing you know is that you end up with a Ghost Town social media account. Revert back to point number 2 of this blog for reference.

There are a number of social media management/posting software companies out there for you to use. There are some free ones and paid for subscriptions. Please don’t be afraid to invest in some software as this will be a game changer for sure. My advice would be to consider using Social Pilot. Sit down on a Sunday evening and schedule up some posts for the week ahead. That way, you can simply monitor and action any notifications. If there is something else you can post on your channels, that is your bonus post. More posts is not going to hurt your social media strategy. Just don’t post 10 times a day because that is bordering on being spammy.

4. Measure Your Stats

So, we have learned about what, when and how to post on your social media channels. Now the focus shifts to looking at your results. Seeing graphs and tables of data can be mindboggling and I can relate to this because sometimes too much data can hinder not help. Look at the key stats for you to take away and measure.

Look at your post ‘reach’ to start with. This metric looks at the number of people who have seen your posts on their timeline. This shows your brand awareness. Next, look at your post ‘engagements’. An engagement is a metric which will show you how many times someone has taken action on one of your posts. Liked, commented, shared, clicked etc

Stick with these two metrics and review them on a weekly basis. When you start to see that there is week on week growth, keep doing what you are doing. Again, refer to point number 2 on this blog.

There we have it. Your social media strategy for 2021. I’ve purposely kept this simple. (Cue the Simple Simon jokes, it’s ok. I can handle it) Keeping everything simple will make a big difference. Why over complicate the process?

If you would like a little bit more than an 800-word blog on this, you are welcome to watch my #LunchtimeLIVE events on Facebook here and don’t forget to make sure that you follow my page for updates of when I released new content and/or go live on Facebook!

Until the next time, take care, stay safe and keep posting!