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Is Your Business Missing Out on Email Marketing?

So you have your business set up, website built and social media strategy up and running but have you considered email marketing? If not, you could be missing out! Here are the benefits of email marketing for your business!

Low Cost Marketing

Compared to other methods, email marketing is a fairly low cost option and is easy to maintain when you have your email marketing account up and running. Most businesses choose to use a software to send their emails, which will incur some running costs but are still much lower than the more mainstream marketing options such as printed adverts, leaflets and radio advertisements. Emails can also be automated, which saves time too.

Reach a ‘Ready’ Audience

If you have their email address then the person you are sending your marketing emails to has already shown some interest in what you do, is a previous customer or has actively signed up to receive correspondence from you; which narrows things down a fair bit and means that they are most likely going to open and take an interest in what you have to say or offer. This beats trying to advertise your business ‘cold’.

Easy to Measure and Changeable

Email marketing is easy to measure and the relevant information is all collated at your fingertips. Things like whether the email has been opened or whether an individual has taken action on your email is all easy to find out. It also means that (unlike traditional print marketing) that if something isn’t working you can adapt and change your approach immediately based on the recipients actions to ensure more success next time.

Personalised Marketing

Email marketing can be highly personalised across your subscriber list which means you can tailor your emails, content and offers to specific people at the click of a button. This increases your impact, has the potential to boost your revenue and create a running interest in your product or service. With everyone using their mobile devices to check their emails now, the chances of reaching the right person at the right time with the right content is very achievable!

I hope this blog has helped you realise the benefits that email marketing could make in your business. If you would like a more in depth chat with me about your email marketing strategy or you would like to talk about my email marketing service, please feel free to book a time in my diary or find out more about this service here.