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How to Generate Ideas for Your Blog

Do you have a blog on your business website? Have you been filling it up with all the blog titles you can think of to help your customers learn more about you and your business? If your blog has been going for a while now, you might be starting to run out of fresh, new ideas to keep your audience coming back to your website. Read on for some of my top tips on how to generate ideas for your blog:

Keep a ‘Little Black Book’

Keep a notebook nearby, a notes app, or voice note recorder to capture ideas as soon as you think of them. Ideas can strike at any time but can leave your head almost as soon as you think of them, even if something doesn’t seem that much of a great idea write it down for future reference as it may become relevant or grow into something better. Revisit your notes whenever you need a boost of creativity.

Subscribe to Other Blogs

Keep an eye on other bloggers in your industry for inspiration, what is working for them and can you put a different spin on anything you read to make it relevant to your audience? Look around for what is popular or trending in your niche right now. You can even go as far as revisiting your own blog and picking out your most popular blogs and writing a more in depth blog into that subject.

What Have You Learned in Business So Far?

As business owners we are learning all the time so the chances are that you have learned and grown a lot since you initially started your blog. Why not pass on your words of wisdom to your followers and let them know what you have learnt along the way in your business? You can also regularly include your latest news and events in your blog.

Ask Your Followers

The last one on my list is to simply ask your followers what they want to see more of! Business owners rarely do this but it can be a great insight into what your customers and clients want to see from you. The results might surprise you and could be really different from what you think what they want. Try it!


I hope my blog has helped you generate more ideas for your blog and you can now go away and begin creating explosive content. If you need some more in depth advice, I would love to help. Book a time in my diary here.