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How to Create Content for Mobile

Digital continues to rise and dominate and with it comes the need for mobile responsive content as more and more people consume content on the go, but what exactly is mobile responsive content? Let’s dive right in.

Mobile friendly content simply means that your content fits on the devices that the majority people are using now. Poor mobile content is hard to read, difficult to navigate and unresponsive. With this is mind, here are my best tips on how to create content for mobile.

Create Powerful Headlines

On mobile, you have a lot less space to work with so it’s vital that you create powerful headlines which get across what you want to say with the least amount of words. Powerful headlines are an excellent way to create a buzz and ensure that people keep reading your mobile content. You can create powerful headlines by knowing your audience inside out and what it is they want.

Cut Down on Text

As above, you have considerably less space with mobile content compared to a desktop layout so your text is more important and it’s also important to make it count. Your text should grab your readers attention in the first few lines and keep them hooked and wanting to read more. Keep it simple, only include what you need to and exclude any fluff or filler content. You can do this by writing out everything you want to say and condensing it down by removing any unnecessary words or topics.

Highlight Important Information

Mobile is fast and can be fickle, so you need to be fast too. Is there something you need to say within your content which you want your mobile users to read and absorb? Consider highlighting this information into easy to read chunks of information with headers and images instead of trying to cram too much text on a small screen and overwhelming the reader.

Use Regular Calls to Action & Include Contact Information

An excellent way to encourage your audience to act on your mobile content is to regularly include calls to action throughout the page. Mobile users act differently to desktop users and cannot see the whole page on the screen so you will need to accommodate this and structure your content accordingly. Also make sure that your contact information stays visible on mobile pages by including a contact number or contact form button which remains somewhere on the screen at all times.

Are you busy converting your content to mobile to reach a wider audience? What things do you include to ensure your content remains responsive on mobile? If you are just beginning your digital journey, I would love to have a chat with you to see how I can assist you. Contact me here.