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How Can Networking Help Your Business Grow?

Welcome back to my blog. This week we will be discussing networking, what it is and how it can help your business grow! Networking involves connecting with other business owners or employees of organisations in ways that will mutually benefit you both. There are no limits to how large or small your network is, once it works for you. Networking has excellent benefits for both small businesses and larger organisations.

Building Strong Relationships

First and foremost, business networking allows you to build strong relationships in your industry or even the general business world. Building trustworthy relationships with key people across your networks gives you solid connections and people you can rely on when you need them.

Sharing Advice and Knowledge

One of the best things about networking as a business owner is the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise and gain the knowledge and expertise of your networks in return. This can benefit everyone involved and gives you access to an excellent support network of business owners at all different stages in business.

Creating Opportunities

When a group of likeminded people with similar goals and circumstances get together, opportunities are created! Networking will allow you to be front of mind when new opportunities arise, which could lead to new partnerships, new employee or employer opportunities or the chance to test out new products or business processes within your networks.

Building Confidence

If you aren’t used to putting yourself out there and feel daunted with being a new business owner, a strong network can help you build your confidence in a way that suits you, whether that’s in the form of a coffee morning, a chance to present your business to other business owners or working through your fears with other business owners who have been there before you, it’s all about confidence building.

Positioning Your Business

Creating or joining a strong group of business people will help to position your business as  a leader and an expert in your circles. The more you contribute to your network, the better you will establish your business as reputable, reliable and professional.

One last point, networking is fun! A network is all about meeting a group of individuals who have similar interests, goals and aspirations as you.

Are you part of a business network? I would love to hear how you think it benefits you and your business. Not sure where to start with networking? Why not have a chat with me to see if we can start building your first connection?!

For any local businesses in the St Ives and Huntingdon area, I am proud to be a part of the Riverport Business Club. We have a number of business categories available and if you like to discover more about what’s involved, drop me a message.