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Give Your Business the Edge on Social Media by Using National Days of the Year

There is a national day out there for everyone if you dig deep enough. From national food days for the cuisine lovers to light-hearted and fun days like ‘Pillow Fight Day’ and of course things much closer to people’s heart like mental health or cancer awareness days. From a social media perspective, national days are an excellent way to connect with your audience on a more linear level. Here are four reasons to give national days a push on your social, let’s take a look…

Show Relevance

There might be a national day for everything, but it doesn’t mean you have to use them all! National ‘Lighthouse Day’ might not be suitable for you if you run a cake making business, for example but if you pick and choose your days to compliment your trade, the end result is your social media looking relevant, interesting, current and firmly on the ball.

Aid Engagements & Stand Out

People love having something to relate to and identify with so using well thought-out national days across your social media will make people more likely to engage with your posts along with liking and sharing them across their own platforms. It is worth remembering that If the public are impressed, posts like these have gone viral very quickly in the past, especially if it is humorous, unexpected or particularly visually appealing.

Free to Use and Research

The best part of using national days for your social media platforms is that they are out there in the public domain for free and all it takes is a little bit of Google research on your part to find relevant and suitable content. Stuck for images to go with the posts? Look at my blog ‘Using Royalty Free Imagery and Where to Find it’.

Help with Sales

If there is a national day which corresponds with your business this is wonderful. This is YOUR day. Use it to your advantage! If not, try to think outside the box and think how something might relate to your business in a way that isn’t immediately obvious. If it’s Pancake Day, people will make pancakes… don’t let an opportunity pass you by!

Do you need help in incorporating the national days into your business and social media? Let me help you! You can contact me here for a no-obligation chat about your business goals.