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Does Anyone Really Know What the Facebook Algorithm is?

As a business owner with a social media presence, have you ever wondered how Facebook decides who sees your posts on social media? Ultimately, who sees your posts and when they see them in their feed is all determined by their algorithm, but what exactly is the Facebook algorithm?

According to Facebook (Meta), they use a system called ‘News Feed Ranking’ where they choose from thousands of pieces of content every day and place what they think you will be most interested in at the top of your news feed. This is based on who posted the content, how you have interacted with the poster in the past, what type of post it is and is all done through a 3 step process involving an inventory, signals and predictions. You can learn more about from Facebook themselves here. 

So, how can you make sure you beat the algorithm and your business posts get seen by the right people at the right time? No-one knows for sure the exact formula but there are some things you can do to stay on top of your Facebook feed game.

Create Quality Content

The more quality content you create and post and the more people that like, comment and share those posts, the more likely any of your future posts will be placed at the top of your followers news feeds and shown to people with similar interests. Keep the quality content and the likes coming.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is a key factor in ensuring your posts are consumed by the right people at the right time. If you consistently post valuable content you will be given a higher ranking over ghost town accounts who post sporadically. Keep posting and stay fresh in the mind of your followers.

Engage with Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is important, not only from a business and customer service point of view but also the fact that the more you can get people to comment back and engage with you on your posts, your account will be flagged by Facebook as a favourite of that individual or follower and their friends.

If you need some help creating quality, consistent posts across Facebook or even your entire social media presence, I would love to assist you. If you would like to discuss a free trial or have a no-obligation chat with me about what you hope you get out of social media for your business, you are welcome to get in touch with me here.