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Content is King – Content Ideas for Your Business

When it comes to creating content for your business are you left scratching your head in front of a blank word document? One of the most difficult things in business can be advertising your own business through the content you produce. You’ve heard it before, but content is king. We all want to create content our audience will love and keep coming back to but how to get started? Let’s jump in.

See What’s Trending

Take a look on your social media channels and find out what content is currently trending in your industry. How can you take these concepts and make them your own? Is there anything that your target customer is particularly engaged with? It’s always important never to directly copy anyone else’s work but take inspiration and tailor content to suit your brand.

Current Events

Are there any current events which align with your business? How can you identify with them to get involved in the online conversation? Awareness days are a great way to add daily events into your content calendar and present yourself as a current and forward thinking business. Can you find any that fit with your industry?

Create in Advance

If you wait until the day you need the content you will be putting yourself under unnecessary pressure. Try to brainstorm your content in advance when you are relaxed or not under tight deadlines to get the creative juices flowing and plan out your future content. Use a notes app or notebook to jot down ideas on the go to revisit when you need them.

Engage with Your Followers

If all else fails, you can simply ask your audience and customers what they want to see from you. Look at how your audience have behaved with your previous content and you will get a good indication of what they would like to see more of. Do they love your behind the scenes videos or instructional blogs on how to navigate your products or services? Dig deeper and find out!

Keep and Eye on Your Competitors

You can learn a lot from your biggest rivals in your industry and good content is one of them. Browse their blogs, subscribe to their newsletters, check their comments and see what they are doing well that you could incorporate into your own content. Again, it’s important not to plagiarise but use this research as a way to boost your own content and the way it’s delivered.

Are you completely overwhelmed by creating content for your business? If you need some tailored help and advice on how to get started, I would love to help you brainstorm some more ideas and ways to reach your online audience. You can contact me here to book some time.