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6 Top Tips For Writing Blogs For Your Business

What is the first thing you do when you need a question answered? Most of us would look for a FAQ or an article which explains clearly what we need to know. As a business owner myself, I know how much it pays to keep on top of written content which showcases your product, service or knowledge, and one of the best ways to do this is by writing regular blog posts to keep your business fresh in the mind of your readers and at the forefront of your niche! Here are some handy tips from me for when it comes to writing a blog article for your business.

Use Relevant Imagery and videos

Never underestimate the power of images and videos to pair with your written content! As technology races ahead at an alarming speed, so has the need for quality images and videos to strengthen your voice and brand. This type of media will pique the interest of your followers, get them to your blog, get them familiar with you as an authority (more on that next) and ultimately, to your end-product or service.

Be the Authority in Your Niche/Sector

Knowing what you are talking about is key when it comes to getting your customers on board. No one knows your business better than you do so be confident! You are in prime position for the job of content creation or, if you prefer, employing a professional writer to do the writing for you (if you go down this route then make sure the writer gets a good feel for you and your brand so they can convey it effectively in your content & messages)

Devise a Plan

If you prefer to wing it day to day, that’s how you work best or that’s what your customers know and love, fire ahead but, for most of us, a plan needs to be put into place to keep on top of our written content; what should go out and when. Choose a timeline that suits your business and stick to it as best you can, you can always scale up or down based on reader taste, engagement and future events. Business is ever changing so plan to be flexible too!

Grab a Title and Then Make it Grab Your Audience

It sounds cliché I know but that’s the very reason it’s true. Would you read a blog if the headline didn’t grab your attention or get you wondering, thinking or wanting more? Probably not… and it’s the same story for your audience. A headline which grabs your target customer at the right time and makes them want to devour your content is gold.

Provide Value

We all want value. It doesn’t matter if we are investing our money or the time it takes to read a blog post. The direction which brings the most value to your readers is where your content needs to go. This may take some research on your part, if you don’t know what your audience wants, then it’s perfectly ok to ask them! Look at popular blogs and websites in your sector and put a new spin or angle on it. Make it YOU and then let your customers know why they need it.

Use Tools to Help You

There are a host of free tools out there for you to use and measure your blog performance; Google Analytics is one of them. Analytics does what it says on the tin and will analyse your website and count the number of visitors and their engagement on the posts you put out. This is an effective way to see what is working, what isn’t and tweak your content to suit.

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