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5 Ways To Use Your Freshly Written Blog Content

Welcome back to my blog and this week I am looking at the various ways you can use the blog content that you have either created yourself or had written for you.

Let’s picture the scene. You have just opened up a word document to a newly created blog article talking about the benefits of people using your service or buying a particular product and you are stuck with what to do with it. Let me help you to get unstuck!

1 Your Website

Search engines like Google love reading content on your website! They are ‘text readers’ and by adding fresh content, this will help build strength into your domain. This can potentially increasing your Google rankings too! There is a lot more to it than that, when it comes to search engine optimisation, but this is a good place to start.

2 Social Media

You have your content. You have added it to your website. Now what?!?? You can create a social media post, linking people to your blog. Social media is a great way to promote content to your website. (This is what I am doing with the blog you are reading today).

There are some character count limits on some social media platforms, but you ideally just want to promote the title, a short intro or summary and encourage your fans to ‘read more’. There you have it. A blog written, promoted through social media, driving traffic to your website.

3 Email Marketing

If you have a database of clients, subscribers or potential customers, and you are regularly emailing them, directing them to your latest blog is a great way of driving traffic. It also encourages people to keep coming back to read more. A standard email newsletter should have a good mix of content and one of these could be your latest blog article. Give it a try and see if it increases your click through rates. If it does, keep doing it!

4 Tangible Media

Whilst the world is swiftly becoming more digitally minded, in some industries there is a still a high demand for the printed word. If you are advertising in magazines, newsletters or newspapers, you could look to use a blog article instead of your standard advert. I remember, back in my days as an estate agent, when one of our rival companies removed their property listings in the local paper. They swapped their ads with a full page talking about the benefits of using their agency. This was different, it stood out and it impressed me!

5 Facebook Ads

Imagine you are an Accountant. Your blog is on your website talking about the latest legislation from HMRC and you would like to reach business owners who live in a 20-mile radius of your office. Promoting your blog and directing traffic into your website is a perfect way to do this and it does not need to cost the earth. Facebooks ads can be used to reach people who may not even know who you are yet!

Now, relate this to your business and see how this could work!

There it is! 5 ways you can benefit from blog writing and regularly promoting them to your various audiences. If you need some advice or would like to talk through these points in more detail, just reach out and we can talk with no obligation.