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5 Ways to Use Social Media Over the Festive Period

With the festive season fast upon us, you might be wondering how you can step up your social media game for your business and stand out from the competition. This time of the year presents you with an excellent opportunity to get creative and offer something a little bit different to your followers. Here are 5 ways to use social media over the festive period:

Run a Competition

People, in general, love giveaways and getting something for FREE. Get your brand noticed by running a flash competition. If you have a product or service to offer, you can get people liking, sharing and tagging others in your post to win a prize. You could have a free product or your service free for a week up for grabs, for example. However, (this is my disclaimer part) you need to ensure that your competition on Facebook complies with the relevant Facebook policies or you could be putting your page at risk of closure.

Share Festive Tips

Get right in the holiday spirit and let your brand do the talking. What can you do to help your followers? Perhaps you have an uncanny knack for finding a bargain or you know a quick and easy way to solve a problem for your audience (bonus points if it involves using your product or service) This will place you in front of your followers and most importantly, make you memorable to many people who may not have already heard of you or engaged with you before.

Go Live with Video

Using videos in your marketing is one of the most up to date and effective ways to portray your talents and services at the same time as reaching a wider and more receptive audience. A holiday themed video will “pop” in your social media feed. (Yes I said “pop”) You could use this video to create a festive message, a limited time special offer or showcase the perfect gift. Ask yourself; what could we do with shouting about right now? Check out my Facebook Live videos here. 

Update Your Images and Profile

To stand out from the crowd, it’s well worth taking some time to update your social media imagery to reflect the time of year. This shows creativity and demonstrates to your customers that you are up to date and on the ball, plus, the public love a cute festive picture or two. If you are stuck for image ideas, see my blog on the best places to find royalty-free imagery here. 

Run Special Offers

In a similar way to the competition posts, get your followers talking and sharing by promoting a festive special offer, you could reduce your product or service price by X amount or throw in an extra for the first 10 people who order/sign up from you. Again, the public will rarely pass up an opportunity for a free or reduced product or service and this has the added bonus of keeping your business in the minds of your followers.

If you need more in-depth help or advice on your marketing strategy, social media presence or getting your business up and running, I’m happy to help. Feel free to book a time in my diary for a free, no-obligation chat.