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5 Video Ideas for You to Share on Social for Your Business

I have mentioned before the importance and benefits of using short videos to share on social media for your business. This blog is all about video ideas! What are the best videos to share or what you can create when you have no ideas…

Behind the Scenes

This works especially well if you have been shy of the camera until now, people LOVE to see what goes on behind the scenes – it is the natural nosiness in us. Use this to your advantage by creating some behind the scenes footage of what goes on in your business before the end product or service is delivered.

Hard at Work Humour

These kinds of videos showcase your team and allow your audience a little insight into your relationship with your staff. Are you the joker of the office who likes to play tricks on people? Make it into a video. Is everyone always trying to make Deirdre in reception laugh? Film it with Deirdre’s permission of course.

Questions and Answers

Do you get questions from your followers which seem to pop up a lot? Answer it in a video!  And another top tip; this will also save time later on if someone asks the question again, you can just direct them to the video to find out all they need to know. If you find yourself running out of questions for your videos, just put out a post to your audience asking them what they want to know.


Hop on the back of a latest trend if you dare… these types of video show your followers that you are current and keeping an eye on what goes on in the world of social media. This could also be very funny depending on your line of business and will portray you as approachable and a human behind the business or brand.


Do you have some big news, a promotion or a new product being launched? These are all a good excuse to get in front of the camera and make a short video to share out on social media. You don’t need any expensive equipment, your phone camera will do, so go and create some hype and excitement!

If you need some more ideas or advice on created your videos, don’t hesitate to send me a message here on my website and I will be happy to help.