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5 Things to Include on Your Website in 2022

Do you have a brand new business? Or perhaps you are upgrading your existing company website? Whatever the reason for your website overhaul, here are 5 things to include on your website in 2022.

Who You Are

This sounds obvious, but many businesses fail to realise how important this is to the overall familiarity and trust potential customers have in you and your business. If your visitors can clearly see who you are and why you do what you do, your story and some relevant background information, they are more likely to purchase from you.

Your Contact Information

Similarly, website visitors need the assurance that they can contact you if they need to and what better way than to have all of your contact information prominently displayed so that they are in no doubt on where to go if they need you or have a query? Provide easy navigation and crystal clear calls to action.

Your Social Media Links

This is a biggie in this digital age. Your visitors not only want to get to know you on your website and purchase from you but to follow you and engage with you on a daily basis, especially if they are happy with your product or service. Make it easy for them to follow you and work on getting repeat customers through your social media channels.

A Blog

A blog is the perfect way to educate, inform and engage with your followers in a non salesy way. A well written blog will have followers landing on your website, consuming your content, sharing what they see and coming back for more. Place your blog on your website to make it easy for browsers to stay a while and have a look around at what you offer.

Customer Testimonials

We are all looking for assurance as a consumer and providing good and honest reviews on your website is a great way to provide it. In fact, just one good excellent review is worth so much more than anything written by you as it is from a customer perspective and someone who has truly seen your business for what it is and what it conveyed to them as a customer.

If you need help with your website, your blog or even your social media strategy, I can help. Book a no-obligation call here and let’s discuss how I can help you in more detail.