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5 Things NOT to do on Social Media for Your Business

I have shared a few blogs in the past detailing the most important things to do on social media for your business, if you haven’t seen them, take a look, you can check them out here. Today’s blog is all about what NOT to do on social media for your business, check it out and avoid these common and often deadly mistakes.

Posting Infrequently

Ah, ghost town social media accounts, I have talked about this extensively in the past. The most important thing to remember about your business pages is that it takes time to build a consistent strategy and a good following. Leaving your pages abandoned or blank is a big red flag to potential customers that you are not ‘present’, up to date or bothered about how you look across social media.

Leaving Your Engagers Hanging

If you are getting good engagement on your posts, this is amazing! Don’t ever leave your followers hanging or wondering why they bothered to engage with you if you won’t interact with them. Keep the conversation flowing, build relationships, add value to your replies and show them your personality.

Sharing Bad Imagery

If you have a good post, there is absolutely no point ruining it with a grainy, unclear, irrelevant or bad image. Keep it relevant, crisp and uncluttered! Imagery for your posts is fairly easy to get right if you have the right tools. You can read more about the different tools and software I use in my business here.

Not Replying to Messages

If a potential customer or even a previous customer is trying to reach out to you through direct message, don’t ignore them. Get into conversation and see how you can help. If you can’t help them or can’t take on any more clients/customers at the moment, be courteous and just send a friendly message letting them know or recommending someone else who can help.

No Calls to Action

Not every social media post needs to be a plug for your business or advertising your services but for the ones that are, ensure that your customers know exactly how to proceed if they are interested. There is little more frustrating for a potential customer than being interested in a product or service but having to search extensively for ways to contact you. Put simply, they won’t search for long, they will go elsewhere to someone who is easier to reach.

Would you like some assistance in how to do social media for business the right way? Why not start with one of my free trials? Find out more by booking a time in my diary here.